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About Us

Living to Lead

Everybody can lead, and everyone is leading.  You're leading somebody, somewhere, right now.  Yet not everyone is leading well.  Familes are fractured, bullying is pervasive in schools, and alcohol and drugs continue to destroy the lives of friends and family.  Homelessness, sex trafficking and crime are making their presence increasingly felt in our community.  We could all lead better, and do more, to make a positive difference in our community.  

If we all did that, what would we become?  How much more attractional would Hot Springs be?
We want those who visit our community to experience all that Hot Springs has to offer, yet we live in a culture that is increasingly "Me-Centric" and the concept of adding value to others and providing exceptional service is becoming increasingly rare.  What if everyone in Hot Springs made a conscious effort to become "Others Focused"? To give of their time, talent and resources to make things better?  To challenge others to do likewise?  That's what transformational leaders do.  

"Leaders change the order of things for the better."
Carly Fiorina
What if we, as a Community, could make a  conscious shift in how we live our lives, raise our families, teach our children, operate our businesses and influence our culture, embracing and living out the virtues of exceptional leadership?  We could transform our community, making it a model place to live and raise a family.  
Because I Love Hot Springs,
I Lead Hot Springs.
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